Greetings Rattlers,

Thank you for visiting our website and looking into Florida A&M University Greater Orlando Chapter.  I am the current president for the 2020-2022 term period.

The mission of the Greater Orlando Chapter of the Florida A&M University National Alumni Association is to enhance and support the continued existence of Florida A&M University by: raising and giving funds to the University that will support its programs; recruiting students who will attend the University; recruiting alumni and others who will support the University and its goals through membership in the chapter; doing those things that perpetuate a positive image of the chapter and the University; and influencing community and governmental activities that will support the University’s priorities.


To achieve our mission, the Chapter has a four point program, FRIG – Fundraising, Recruitment, Image Building and Governmental Relations.

  • Fundraising
    The Chapter is involved in raising funds for the University and other activities to support the Chapter’s programs.
  • Recruitment
    The Chapter is involved in recruiting students to attend FAMU and reclamation of alumni to encourage them to become financial supporters of the National Alumni Association and the Chapter.
  • Image Building
    The Chapter annually participates in activities that bring visibility to Florida A&M University in the greater metropolitan area.
  • Governmental Relations
    The Chapter keeps alumni abreast of issues in Florida and the U.S. Congress that could impact the viability and growth of Florida A&M University.

Your support of the four point programs allows us to continue to grow and serve our alma mater. Please commit to stay involved and visit the website even more. All efforts will make a difference and are greatly appreciated.

In closing, I would like to say many thanks for your ongoing support of the Orlando Chapter. It is our desire to serve the alumni in the region and assist with keeping you connected to the University and all of the positive things that happen. Based on these events and the need to support the university, I anticipate that we can count on you not to be an R.I.N.O. (Rattler In Name Only) and become an active participant of the association. Again, I look forward to working with you and You assisting us in keeping that Rattler pride alive. Together, we can influence and support the legacy of Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University.


Farrah Ridgeway, MBA